Classic Rock and Rhythm & Blues

Rocking out for you

MidLife Crysis band formed in the 90’s after the members were playing in other bands.  Some of the band members grew up together and played together in several bands including Gypsy Amber, Cannon, The Milk Crates, and Sheep Dip.  There were a few others but today they are all together rocking shows in Southern NH & Northern Mass.

Making Your Masterpiece

Push Your Music & Band with Less Hassle

MLC Recording knows all the tricks to turning an unknown artist into a hit. Our tools for promoting your music include:

  • Audio Production- MLC Recording has years of experience making music of every genre, and knows how to appeal to every audience. We can determine which audiences are most likely to appreciate your style of music, and will help you tailor your music and advertising to those audiences.
  • Video Production- The MLC Recording team specializes in storyboarding, stage and sound design, direction, and editing. We’ll work with you to design a video that appeals to mass audiences while staying true to your artistic vision.
  • Electronic Press Kits- When you’re ready to show the world who you are, MLC Recording’s will help you do it right. We’ll help you design and put together an EPK that will get you work and jazz up your fans.