MidLife Crysis Band

MidLife Crysis was originally created from several bands in the southern NH area. Ultimately they have formed the current band that has over 35 years of playing and performing in the New England area clubs and other venues.  For the band it is quite simple – to learn and perform the music in the Classic Rock and Rhythm & Blues genres as accurately as they can, but with the bands spin on it. Come see us and you will agree, the band is tight, in control, and very energetic.  We just want to play for you and have a lot of fun. 



Upcoming Tour Dates




The National Club

The Spring Fling

May 18th, 2020
Doors Open: 7 PM








“I thought MidLife Crysis sounded great before seeing them perform live. Now that I’ve been to one of their shows, I can honestly say that their music sounds just as good (if not better) in person. “

– Debbie Harris


“My friends and I had a blast at the last show in Nashua. We’re considering getting together and driving up to New Hampshire for their next performance. We simply can’t get enough of these guys!”

– Michael Nash


“When MidLife Crysis hits the stage the performance they give is unreal. I’ve watched them perform on online streams but it pales in comparison to seeing them live. Simply amazing.”

– Joanne Martin