Check out some of our recordings

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Blues For You Baby
This song was done live in the studio and is not really a finished product.  However, it is a pretty good recording.
Road House Blues
We love this song as it invites you to participate.  Listen and see...
Can't Explain
How can you hate this song.  Kind of gets your toes tapping.
Highway To Hell
This is how we sometimes open our second set.  Listen, as there is a little surprise at the start of this song.
Goddess Of Love And Beer
Papa Chubby does this great song about his love of woman and beer.  Listen and you can see what he is talking about.
Bare Footin
This song was recorded during a practice session.  We thought it was a good cut, so here it is for you to enjoy.
Hey Bartender
This recording was one of the first that we recorded one track at a time.  We did this on a personal computer using Cakewalk.  It was then moved to a Fostex VF16 recorder to be re-mixed.
Tell Mama
Here is one of our first serious live recordings of the band.  Soundguy thinks this is a keeper.
Down The Tracks
This is another song that we had worked on.  It was done a long time ago and we have since lost the tracks.  Here is the only recording left - ENJOY!!!



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