About The Band

The MidLife Crysis Band regrouped many years ago from a band called Cannon.  Since then they have lost and added some really great musicians.  Whether playing in a small bar or an outdoor concert, in front of 50 people or 500 people Midlife Crysis Band plays with heart and soul. Just ask the folks who have danced the night away with the band. The band has been together for many years in different forms with one goal in mind. Give the fans what they want. Good driving Classic Rock with a side dish of Contemporary Blues. If you like to get out once in awhile and hear a band that leaves you wanting more, check out Midlife Crysis Band and have a ball. Bring your dancin’ shoes.

Name -

Dick Lambert -   Vocals  
Don Launder -   Bass  
Don Richardson -   Vocals, Percussion & Sound  
Rodney Blais -   Drums  
Mike Lambert -   Guitar & Vocals  
Dave Theriault -   Guitar  
Keith Lambert -   Equipment & Support  



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